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Green juice is the king of the wellness movement out there. The benefits that juicing can bring to your overall health are simply AMAZING!

What are the benefits?

To start, green juice can be made out of a number of mixes involving green veggies, such as: parsley, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, among others.

- Rich in Antioxidants

- Easy-to-absorb nutrients

- High in Chlorophyll (help detox the liver and brings antioxidant properties)

- Aids digestion

- Keeps your gut happy (meaning your skin will be less likely to break out)

How should you drink it?

The main mistake people make when juicing is that they wait too long to drink their juice, or they do it after having a meal. Juicing should be done first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach, for it to be beneficial to your body.

How can I make it taste better?

If you are not a green juice flavor fan, but still would like to start drinking it, there are some ways to make the flavor better.

- Add 1 entire cucumber to your juice, it will make the spinach or celery taste less.

- Add lemon, it will make it sour but easier to drink

- Add a green apple, it will make it sweet

Do you have any other green juice tips for us?

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