We have curated a list of skin enthusiasts and wellness experts to facilitate your journey to a balance mind, body and soul.

Gym Facial


El método de Skiincamp es una fusión de auto masajes y ejercicios faciales que estimularán la piel, tonificarán los músculos y definirán tu rostro, donde sólo utilizarás tus manos. Y es un método 100% preventivo y natural.

El curso es 100% en Español!


Holistic Wellness Coach

Kaity Neiswonger

Kaity is the owner and creator of Opal Root, a wellness company focused on natural and alternative ways to heal. Kaity is a Holistic Wellness & Hormone Coach, Facial Reflexologist, EFT practitioner, and studying to become a Qigong Instructor.Her passion is helping others tap into their bodies ' inner wisdom and educating them on alternative ways to heal. She takes a whole-body approach to health, believing that we must look at the body as an ecosystem with every aspect, mind, body, energy, working together to function fully.


Holistic Health Coach

Cait Bonet

Caitlin Bonet is a former designer turned Holistic Health Coach who believes that taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. She went from having no self-care practice, hating vegetables, hardly exercising, and feeling stressed all the time to living a healthy, holistic life WITH EASE...because when it comes to healthy living - simple, sustainable, and realistic are her thang! 

Using their symptoms as a guide, Cait helps women uncover exactly what they need - body, mind, and spirit - to reach their health goals and feel confident, energized, and good AF!

She currently offers one-on-one as well as group-style health coaching programs.

Send her a DM or visit her website if you’re interested in learning more about her services!

IG: @cait.bonet

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