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Depuff + De-Stress Bundle

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The perfect bundle to increase blood circulation and boost lymphatic drainage around the whole body.

This bundle includes a facial and body Gua Sha tool made out of green aventurine stone + Our Bliss Face Oil.

The shape of our green aventurine Gua Sha includes a pointed tip for acupressure points, a comb area, inner and outer arc, and a double u-edge.

Our Bliss Face Oil decongests and treats inflammation while building up the health of your skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Face lift? yes please

This combo is the best natural botox ever!

I already used the facial oil for a while, and then I bought the gua sha stone and it is the best combination ever. I put some drops of oil on my face and then a 5-10 min gua sha routine and my face has changed! Naturally lifted, glowy and just beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE