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The Mil Hojas Book Club at Miami, Florida
In today's wellness collab we have Maitte Barrientos, attorney, writer, model, content creator, and founder of The Mil Hojas Book Club. 

Share your story and how you came up with Mil Hojas Book Club

The Mil Hojas Book Club started towards the end of 2020 as an outlet when we were all stuck at home and didn't get to have as many in depth, important conversations with our friends/colleagues/etc. I started with a small group of about five people and its grown so much since just through word of mouth and Instagram. 

What is the mission behind Mil Hojas Book Club?

My mission behind Mil Hojas was to create an opportunity to talk about social issues across different cultures that mattered to us. Mil Hojas is a little distinct from your average book club in that each member gets to pick a book of the month based on the chronological order in which they became members. This way we are all exposed to different topics we normally wouldn't gravitate towards and be exposed to different things from the perspective of another person. I believe that experiencing as much of the world as possible is the best way to grow as an individual and reading gives you that opportunity when you can't always travel. 
The name Mil Hojas, which is a popular Latin American dessert, also doubles for our secondary goal which is to eat! We typically gather in an outdoor space and everyone brings different food which I believe is a love language in itself. Who doesn't like to come together and share good plates of food??

Who can join Mil Hojas Book Club  and how can they join it? 

Everyone is welcome! We don't do remote/virtual meetings because I think we are all a little over zoom at this point but as long as you can physcially meet with us once a month and contribute in a welcoming and respectful dialogue, then feel free to reach out via direct message on my Instagram @maitbarri. We'd love to have you. 


Fun questions: 

Can’t skip daily habit? 

My boyfriend and I have committed to going on daily walks without our phones and its one of the things I look forward to the most during the weekdays. 

Favorite book? 

I have so many books I love and recommend to everyone. Right now I think due to the state of the world everyone should read "All About Love" by Bell Hooks, an incredible author who passed away recently. The book really goes into how we define love as a society and as individual. 

What makes you feel at peace? 

Being around my family.

Best advice?

Work relentlessly in the pursuit of your goals but don't box yourself into one thing.

Favorite skincare tool?

Everyone should have an ice roller!

Ways to connect: 

Instagram: @maitbarri

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