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Natural Lip Plumping - Face Cupping

If you have dry and thin lips you need to read this. 

We owe our skin's elasticity, strength, moisture and volume to collagen and hyaluronic acid. Our body's collagen and hyaluronic acid production slows down with age, resulting in sagging and a loss of volume in our cheeks and lips. Around our late 20s, collagen and hyaluronic acid production start to diminish. 

One simple and natural alternative to nourish and plump your lips is using our Bliss Face Oil and Face Cupping Kit. 

natural lip plumper

Apply one drop of Bliss Face Oil to your lips. Our Bliss Face Oil provides a rich dose of antioxidants to nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin. 

Now grab the small face cup, and glide it around and over the lips to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase blood circulation and elasticity, and create a natural plumpness. Glide the cup along your upper lip and lower lip three to five times each. This routine can be performed every other day. 

This holistic technique will become your go to for natural plump and nourishing lips. To keep your lips extra hydrated and nourish, apply a drop of Bliss Face Oil at bedtime as an overnight mask. The key to healthy lips is using a moisturizing product every day and increasing blood circulation to the area. 

Always remember that taking care of your lips is as important as taking care of your skin. 

Watch our guided tutorial on Youtube to learn how to plump your lips naturally with our face cupping kit. 




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