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Gut, Brain, & Skin Connection - Healing from the inside out


Healing the skin is more than just using skincare products, it is a habit and a holistic approach. Let your skin talk to you, and only use products with ingredients that benefit the skin, be gentle, and be mindful of what you decide to use. 

Your skin reflects everything that is going on inside your body, if everything is good, the skin will be clear and glowy, but if something is going on, you are likely to experience skin concerns such as inflammation, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, among others. The skin, the gut and the brain are all connected, and if one of them is not balanced, the others may act up. 


A proper diet is crucial to a healthy skin complexion. Avoiding sugars and dairy, while eating antioxidants, using probiotics, and focusing on the “good bacteria” you could introduce to your gut, will allow you to have more control over your skin complexion. Focus on eating green, drinking water, eating foods high in fiber and vitamins that rehabilitate the body’s flora. 


Stress is a huge trigger. If you let stress control your mind, it will also control your skin. The amount of cortisol that is released in your body during stressful situations disrupts the skin, which results in acne, hormonal changes, rosacea, and others. Be mindful of the amount of pressure you put on yourself, find ways to release stress, whether it is through yoga, meditation, personal time, or any other activity, you should keep in mind that self-care is important. 

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