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Is your skin feeling a bit dull? Here are a few tips to up your skincare routine during the summer.

Our skin is extremely smart and expressive. It can learn, adapt and communicate. As you use your skincare regime, the skin starts to adapt to those products and learns how to thrive with them within the environment you are currently in.

Eventually, the season changes and the products that were once enough for your skin, tend to decrease its effectiveness, which means it is time for a quick & simple skincare upgrade. The shift in seasons creates new needs for your skin, for instance, during the winter your skin might become dry, which means you need a heavier moisturizer, while during the summer you might want to go for a lighter moisturizer.

We created a quick guide based on our clients’ needs and skin types to facilitate the transition of their skincare routine for this summer 2021.

The cleansing routine:

The summer is hot and humid, which means you can go for a lighter cleanser. We do recommend engaging in double cleansing. Feel free to use your favorite oil cleanser first, and follow up by a light gentle cleanser, for those dealing with oily skin, a gel-cleanser should be their go-to! Doing this will help control excessive oil production and keep your skin balanced. Keep in mind you should always avoid using hot water and stick to lukewarm temperature.

It’s all about the SPF:

During the summer we tend to increase our sun exposure. It is crucial that you protect and care for your skin properly. Sun damage is the main cause for early aging signs, to avoid this, make sure you apply your sunscreen every day, and re-apply it throughout the day. Keep it simple and effective, and keep in mind that makeup products do NOT count as SPF.

 Use light moisturizers:

Winter is out so you no longer need your extremely heavy moisturizer, instead switch to something lighter as you may no longer need that extra moisture layer. Products with hyaluronic acid tend to be a good fit for most, follow up by a light face oil and your skin should keep that natural glow and nourished feeling.

Up your body care:

The body is also part of our skincare routine. During the summer, make sure you are giving your body the proper care. Just because your dry flakes might be gone, does not mean you need to stop exfoliating. 1 – 2 times a week should be enough. There are simple ways in which you could give your skin the exfoliation it deserves without being abrasive. Use gentle exfoliators and follow up by moisturizing properly. A body oil is always a good idea, apply it right after showering. With these you will help your body stay nourished and ready to get that summer glow we all crave for!

Don’t forget to keep being good to your gut, drink your greens, take your probiotics and drink lots of water to make sure your body stays hydrated and healthy. Overall, caring for your skin during the summer should be simple and effective, remember our favorite words: less is more.

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