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Our Founder's Acne Journey Pt 1 - A Holistic Approach

I started dealing with acne when I was 21, right around the beginning of the COVID pandemic. This was a shock for me because, up until then, my skin was pretty clear, with just the occasional pimple during my period

I remember feeling so frustrated during my acne journey because nothing I tried seemed to work. From my 21st to early 23rd year, I explored every possible acne remedy out there, ranging from antibiotics and juice cleanses, to cutting out diary, double clearing, to even trying chemical peels. Sure, some treatments would help for a short time, but then the acne would just come back even stronger. It felt like a never-ending cycle of disappointment.

My acne journey finally took a turn when I decided to explore acupuncture. Having exhausted conventional method, I sought my first acupuncture session in Miami, Florida. Despite my lifelong fear of needles, I was so inspired by positive stories on Instagram Reels about the benefits of acupuncture, I decided to confront my fear head-on.

That single acupuncture session became a turning point in my acne journey. Unlike previous experiences, my acupuncturist didn’t just focus on my skin. Instead, she took a holistic approach, examining my entire body and lifestyle. This approach was entirely new to me, something I hadn’t experienced with any dermatologist or other doctors.

On that same session, I learned so much about Chinese Medicine, the concept of Qi, the importance of good circulation in the body, my constitution, and the energy channels in the body. But one crucial piece of advice from my acupuncturist reshaped my approach to healing my acne. She emphasized the need to take it easy, reconnect with my body and avoid making drastic changes that could stress my system further. This holistic guidance went beyond just focusing on my skin, it broadened my awareness of how physical and mental well-being are interconnected.

Ever since my life and my view towards the health system changed drastically. In our next blog post, I'll talk about how my skin got better and the small things I did to support its healing process. However, in this blog post, I wanted to emphasize three crucial principles that I learned during the initial years of my acne journey and that I continue to apply in various aspects of my life: Never lose hope. Be open to new concepts and ideas. Be kind to yourself.



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